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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just Needed Something to Write About

Well, it's obvious to everyone involved that I've not written a new post in AGES!
Since my last post my to-do list has gotten out of control, I was working at Pappasito's just about every day and I just completely ignored the fact that I even owned a blog.
"Nobody reads it anyway," I'd say.
But some people actually do read it. I know Chrystal and Jodi do. I know my friend and fellow blogger Jennifer Williams does.
So, for you three... and anyone else who cares to read along, here we go on what I hope becomes a better attempt at keeping up with technology and with friends and family.

Let me start by discussing my NEW JOB! :)

As of this past Monday, I officially started working as a photographer for a portable, nation-wide studio called Image One Studios. We specialize in on-location executive portraits and from what I can tell, I'm going to be very happy with this job.
The only downsides are:
1) I have to wake up early
2) I have to wake up REAAAAALLY early....
3) I have to drive in rush hour traffic.
4) I need an accountant (which I probably could use anyway)
5) I sometimes don't have time for lunch. lol

But all those things aside, I'm working for a stable company that finds the work for me AND I'm finally doing photography full-time! Yay!

What else, what else? My family is doing well!
(family portrait on Christmas Day)
Aythen, my nephew, will be a year old in less than a month!
(Aythen & I during the Stride for Stroke 5k Walk/Run)
Chrystal, my older sister, is...well, her birthday was Monday...(not sure she'd be happy with me telling you how OLD she is). Oh, and I'm not sure if I've told you, but she's also PREGNANT for the 2nd time!! With yet another BOY!
P.S. if one more person tells her how stupid the name Vaughn is, she'll cut a bitch. lol.

Jodi is working at Goodfella's in Beaumont and finally loving her job, as well. :)

(Jodi & I at the IMAX theatre to see Alice in Wonderland)
I'm still living in Sugar Land with Maggie & Coco.
And still dating Will Ebarb. :)

Things are pretty damn good. And I hope it stays that way for a little while...

Thanks for reading and have fun this weekend!

Miss you and you and you,


Bethany Joy said...

Yay!! I read your blog!! I am glad you updated us! I miss you babe!

chope-a-licious said...

lol, thanks jessi! love the update---FINALLLLLYYYY!!
PS-Vaughan is out, for reasons OTHER than some people don't like it. I'll text you that reason sometime..lmao.
Yayyyy to random blog updates! Love you, see you soon!!

Jenny Baugh said...

You're right I do always read it! Don't forget the last name is Baugh these days!!! Lol miss u girl, so glad to hear you're full time with photo, it's liberating! Doing what you love!

Jessi Hebert said...

lol, that's right Jenny...sorry.
Hey, did you get a W2 or anything from the Motherhood Center???

Anonymous said...

FYI, I read your blog too!!
I got tired of checking it and nothing new. I decided to check it today, lol....love you

Anonymous said...

oh, since I did the last post as anonymous, it's mom, lol....

Richie said...

Ha! And that's when I realized photographers need accountants, too. Hmm.. why do you need an accountant, anyway? My wife, who's into photography and a photographer, is also searching for some accounting firms (Indianapolis) to.. manage her finances. She's planning to go freelance (self-employed), ya know. The freedom of doing what she loves wants is what she needed. Anyway, she reads your blog. Good luck to your new job!