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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Which season is it? Flu or Fall??

So, I'm sick. It's not the flu (I hope) but it's exhausting none-the-less.
I figured since I'm not working today, I can catch up on my blog.
I've put quite a few new songs on my playlist, which I know some of you will be pleased with. I use my blog as a radio and blast it while I'm getting ready in the morning or taking a shower. I'm a fan of a huge array of music. I don't really have a FAVORITE genre or artist... I have many. And since my boyfriend, Will, set my radio in my car on a classical station, I've not changed it once. It's interesting how music has the power to change my mood. I've not exactly been a ray of sunshine lately. I feel as if I've been in a slump lately. But despite all of that, this summer was incredible and I feel obliged to fill you in now.

In August:
I attended Ryan Terry & Bethany Haugan's Wedding in Minnesota. I met Ryan & Bethany at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. Bethany was actually one of my 7 roommates and one of the greatest people I met at school. I didn't take pictures at the wedding, but one of our fellow classmates, Mary Frances Chrisman was the hired photographer and she did a GORGEOUS job!
It was the closest form of a class reunion that I've had since we graduated in June of 2008 because I also had the pleasure of staying with my dearest friend, Emily!
Another roommate of mine from Hallmark, Katelynne, stayed with Emily as well.
Emily took us to the Minnesota Mall of America and while there we went to the Aquarium that Em works at.

Katelynne looking at the sea horses.
The largest shark they have, it's name is Jesse...lol!
Also in August, one of mine and Jodi's best friends, Kara and Kara's boyfriend, Brandon, came to visit.
Kara and Brandon
Okay...so, that's about it when it comes to August.
Moving on to September.
My sister and and brother in law just purchased a house in Bridge City that, at it's current state, is sort of an empty shell. The previous owners moved out after it had received quite a bit of damage from Hurricane Ike. They hope to be done with the renovations in December! :)
Also in September, I attended Kaycee & Jonathan's Wedding! Making that my 8th Wedding since May!
On September 27th, I attended my first professional football game...The Texans vs. The Jaguars!
Me and Will!
I would like to share with you, now, new pics of my nephew, Aythen!!! :)
Aythen & his Nana (my mom)
Just the cuuuuuuuutest!!! :)
Aythen and his auntie gee...(me)
Aythen & Miranda
Aythen & his auntie Jo-Jo.

Ok. well that's enough for now!! I'll try and post again within the next month!!

Currently listening to: Can't take my eyes off of you, by Lauryn Hill (on my playlist!)
Currently watching: Role Models
Last movie I saw was: All About Steve (starring Sandra Bullock...it was cute)
Currently reading: Uncontrollable Beauty

Thank you for caring!


Chopeaholic said...

'bout time, for real. PS---pleeeease send me the pics of the inside of the house, I need to print some out. Thanks for finally updating the bloggo----
i love you!

chope-ology said...

ps--so glad you put "gravity" on your playlist...something about that song always reminds me of mawmaw, and I just adore it.

Bethany Joy said...

Your nephew is too cute for words! I miss you! Great post!

Katelynne Lowensen said...

Oh my goodness Aythen is the cutest thing ever. I love his ear :) love and miss you

Emily Isakson said...

Hello love!!! Thanks for the oh so flattering picture of me! haha jk Miss you and hope you are feeling better! And when are we gunna see some photos of that beyond adorable bouncing baby boy!? thats your next project :) xoxo

C said...

man i love the aquarium pics!