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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's been 1 yr. 3 mo. & 23 days...

But seriously, who's counting?
Yes, it certainly has been FOREVER since I've posted on this blog.
There'll be no more broken promises of "I'll post again, tomorrow". That I can assure you. Promising that I'll have something interesting to say tomorrow is somewhat ridiculous, don't you think?

Last night I was watching a documentary on Andy Goldsworthy, "Rivers and Tides", and I was quite impressed not only with the skill and creativity involved in his work, but primarily with his tenacity.
I'd like to have his level of patience.
I also really liked hearing his take on the importance of photography when it comes to demonstrating his artistic techniques and how photography speaks about his work in ways he is incapable of doing.

Now I understand why Jodi was inspired last summer on the beach at Toledo Bend. :)

In addition to Rivers and Tides here are some other movies I've enjoyed lately:

Until next time, thanks for viewing!!
Jessi Hebert

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Working my tail off.

Happy Saturday!
Be it that I work all day Mon. - Fri. (including retouching at night). I have to make sure and take full advantage of my weekends. Laundry, cleaning, bank runs (not the illegal kind), and of course spending time with people I miss during the week.
This job through Image One Studios is forcing me to be a little more responsible and organized.
I suppose I had to grow up one day. Lol
(working in the heights this past week)
Has anyone tried the SPRINT 4G little wi-fi thing???

If so, how is it? I'm looking to get one for work and for traveling.
I REALLY don't want an IPHONE just yet. I would be addicted to it just like everyone else, I'm sure of it.

Well, I don't have a whole lot to say this week, but my goal is to keep writing blogs...no matter how insignificant they may be. lol

Currently Reading & almost done with:Me Talk Pretty One Day, by the hilarious David Sedaris

Currently watching: Saturday Night Live....i love tina fey!
Currently listening to: He Came to Meet Me, by Hem
Currently drinking: coffee...even though it's 10 at night.
Currently working on: retouching portraits from this past week

Thanks for reading, see you again soon!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just Needed Something to Write About

Well, it's obvious to everyone involved that I've not written a new post in AGES!
Since my last post my to-do list has gotten out of control, I was working at Pappasito's just about every day and I just completely ignored the fact that I even owned a blog.
"Nobody reads it anyway," I'd say.
But some people actually do read it. I know Chrystal and Jodi do. I know my friend and fellow blogger Jennifer Williams does.
So, for you three... and anyone else who cares to read along, here we go on what I hope becomes a better attempt at keeping up with technology and with friends and family.

Let me start by discussing my NEW JOB! :)

As of this past Monday, I officially started working as a photographer for a portable, nation-wide studio called Image One Studios. We specialize in on-location executive portraits and from what I can tell, I'm going to be very happy with this job.
The only downsides are:
1) I have to wake up early
2) I have to wake up REAAAAALLY early....
3) I have to drive in rush hour traffic.
4) I need an accountant (which I probably could use anyway)
5) I sometimes don't have time for lunch. lol

But all those things aside, I'm working for a stable company that finds the work for me AND I'm finally doing photography full-time! Yay!

What else, what else? My family is doing well!
(family portrait on Christmas Day)
Aythen, my nephew, will be a year old in less than a month!
(Aythen & I during the Stride for Stroke 5k Walk/Run)
Chrystal, my older sister, is...well, her birthday was Monday...(not sure she'd be happy with me telling you how OLD she is). Oh, and I'm not sure if I've told you, but she's also PREGNANT for the 2nd time!! With yet another BOY!
P.S. if one more person tells her how stupid the name Vaughn is, she'll cut a bitch. lol.

Jodi is working at Goodfella's in Beaumont and finally loving her job, as well. :)

(Jodi & I at the IMAX theatre to see Alice in Wonderland)
I'm still living in Sugar Land with Maggie & Coco.
And still dating Will Ebarb. :)

Things are pretty damn good. And I hope it stays that way for a little while...

Thanks for reading and have fun this weekend!

Miss you and you and you,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Which season is it? Flu or Fall??

So, I'm sick. It's not the flu (I hope) but it's exhausting none-the-less.
I figured since I'm not working today, I can catch up on my blog.
I've put quite a few new songs on my playlist, which I know some of you will be pleased with. I use my blog as a radio and blast it while I'm getting ready in the morning or taking a shower. I'm a fan of a huge array of music. I don't really have a FAVORITE genre or artist... I have many. And since my boyfriend, Will, set my radio in my car on a classical station, I've not changed it once. It's interesting how music has the power to change my mood. I've not exactly been a ray of sunshine lately. I feel as if I've been in a slump lately. But despite all of that, this summer was incredible and I feel obliged to fill you in now.

In August:
I attended Ryan Terry & Bethany Haugan's Wedding in Minnesota. I met Ryan & Bethany at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. Bethany was actually one of my 7 roommates and one of the greatest people I met at school. I didn't take pictures at the wedding, but one of our fellow classmates, Mary Frances Chrisman was the hired photographer and she did a GORGEOUS job!
It was the closest form of a class reunion that I've had since we graduated in June of 2008 because I also had the pleasure of staying with my dearest friend, Emily!
Another roommate of mine from Hallmark, Katelynne, stayed with Emily as well.
Emily took us to the Minnesota Mall of America and while there we went to the Aquarium that Em works at.

Katelynne looking at the sea horses.
The largest shark they have, it's name is Jesse...lol!
Also in August, one of mine and Jodi's best friends, Kara and Kara's boyfriend, Brandon, came to visit.
Kara and Brandon
Okay...so, that's about it when it comes to August.
Moving on to September.
My sister and and brother in law just purchased a house in Bridge City that, at it's current state, is sort of an empty shell. The previous owners moved out after it had received quite a bit of damage from Hurricane Ike. They hope to be done with the renovations in December! :)
Also in September, I attended Kaycee & Jonathan's Wedding! Making that my 8th Wedding since May!
On September 27th, I attended my first professional football game...The Texans vs. The Jaguars!
Me and Will!
I would like to share with you, now, new pics of my nephew, Aythen!!! :)
Aythen & his Nana (my mom)
Just the cuuuuuuuutest!!! :)
Aythen and his auntie gee...(me)
Aythen & Miranda
Aythen & his auntie Jo-Jo.

Ok. well that's enough for now!! I'll try and post again within the next month!!

Currently listening to: Can't take my eyes off of you, by Lauryn Hill (on my playlist!)
Currently watching: Role Models
Last movie I saw was: All About Steve (starring Sandra Bullock...it was cute)
Currently reading: Uncontrollable Beauty

Thank you for caring!